A Rapid-Response Cardiology Clinic for Oakville

We provide rapid-access specialist medical services to cardiac patients in Oakville, Burlington, Milton, Georgetown, Mississauga, Etobicoke, and Toronto. If you're having problems getting a timely appointment with a Cardiologist in a conventional (doctor's office) setting, you'll soon be a big supporter of how we work! When our cardiology clinic is operating (check our hours, or CALL US), we offer patients the opportunity to see a Cardiologist on an almost-walk-in basis. In fact, many of our patients see a Cardiologist within an hour.

Already got a medical referral for a Cardiologist, but the soonest “appointment” you could get is “next year”? No problem! Simply walk-in to see us, with your signed medical referral form, and its likely that you can see our see one of our Cardiologists that same day (if the clinic is open, of course). If you don't have a signed medical referral form from your own doctor, you're welcome to visit the general walk-in medical clinic that's located in our building. They don't require any appointment either, and they're open long hours. If they determine that you require the services of a Cardiologist, they'll isssue and sign the medical Referral you require. Then you can see a Cardiologist in our clinic.

Our Cardiologists provide comprehensive services including (but not limited to): cardiac stress testing, ECGs, echocardiography (imaging ultrasound), arterial blood pressure monitoring and Holter monitoring. Additionally, they can assess cardiac risk factors such as high blood pressure (hypertension), high cholesterol (high LDL), diabetes, smoking and obesity.

We can perform most cardiac stress and performance tests on-site Cardiologists can monitor and advise you how to best manage blood pressure issues

We're staffed by heart specialists and Cardiologists, not just Family Doctors, General Practitioners (GP's), or Nurse Practitioners. WE PROVIDE ONLY NON-EMERGENCY CARDIAC SPECIALIST CONSULTATIONS. If yours is potentially an emergency situation, we recommend that you proceed immediately to the nearest hospital Emergency Department, or call 911. Our cardiac clinic is open every Wednesday and Sunday, including public holidays, from Noon to 6 P.M. ... but here's some important information about our schedule. As our patient load gets bigger, we frequently run our cadiology clinic on MORE days than just Wednesdays and Sundays! Please, CALL US FIRST, for EXACT and up-to-the-minute clinic times, and to learn the soonest time that you can see a Cardiologist. For our regularcardiologist clinic hours, just click the HOURS link at the top of this page.


Science News

May 13, 2013 ..... Oakland, CA

Nitric Oxide and High Blood Pressure Links

Researchers at Univ. of California Oakland have discovered that untreated high blood pressure inactivates nitric oxide (known to dilate blood vessels and lower blood pressure). Left untreated, the high blood pressure soon spirals out of control because of ever-declining nitric oxide levels. They describe this progression as 'vicious'. Got high blood pressure? GET IT DOWN!



"Doctor was quick, nice, to the point. Very helpful. This doctor was great .."
-Toronto, 18 Aug 2014

" Very quick & organised service. Staff is courteous & friendly. Very short wait times, in AND out within 30 min. Building is always clean. Doctors are very helpful. Service improves with every visit. Keep up the good work!" RM -Mississauga 23 July 2014

"Perfect. Amazing. I'm impressed! " - Creditview 17 Nov 2013

"Reception/ registration lady- excellent. Cardiac doctor was very good and excellent." - Mississauga 26 Apr 2013

"Fantastic ! Fast, efficient, friendly." CC -Mississauga 19 Apr 2013